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Authoritative, accurate analysis
of forgery and record alteration

Finally, the right Handwriting Expert
who quickly and accurately solves cases
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Are you dealing with, or involved with any of the following showed below:

Forgery, fraud, anonymous letters,
computer-generated documents,
and all other questioned document
circumstances and concerns
Joseph Zarek, CDE, HE, AFI, SA
Court Qualifed
Maryland, Virginia,
Washington DC, Nationwide
Curriculum Vitae
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Fax: (866) 974-8489


Disclaimer: A Free Initial Evaluation exists to only make the determination we are able to assist you.  This FREE Inital Evaluation does not include, nor should be construed as a Verbal or Written Professional Opinion.  Verbal and Written Opinions are made available only upon payment in advance.  For these services, please refer to our current fee schedule page.

Documents can be in any language
I've examined cases in over 46 states and 23 countries internationally

Call or E-mail questions or a synopsis of your case to:
703.772.9133 (DC, MD, VA)

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In today's day and age knowing who to turn to is the way to go. 
Our clients appreciate the invaluable service that brings them
the tremendous value, benefit, and peace of mind they seek
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  • Clients prefer to work with them

    An expert is someone who knows more than a layperson.  They have the education and training in their areas of specialization.  They are also able to teach, write and present their knowledge and expertise in or out of the classroom and courtroom.
  • Fast turnaround time - 24 - hours or less

    Yes, while it does take time to conduct an adequate and thorough examination; it shouldn't take forever!  4-8 hours is the average time it takes to examine a document.  Special or unusual circumstances may require more time spent conducting a proper investigation.
  • You can talk to an expert instantly - Call Our Experts Now

    (703) 772-9133 (DC, MD, VA for local, national or international cases)
  • Free initial consultation

    In MOST cases we can meet or exceed the services you request.
  • Recommendations Available for Forensic Document Examiners Closest to You

    In this field, as in others, you sometimes encounter what are called "hired guns" who are willing to take your money, but not always able to provide you the service you require.  AFHS Clients are more concerned with finding out the truth, and that's what we provide to them. 

    Ask and we can recommend professionals closest to you
  • Advanced training in all forms of questioned document cases

    Our professionals conduct or participate in training on a regular basis, year-round
  • Quickly determine if your document is a forgery

    24-Hours or less
  • No charge for peer associate reviews of your case when available

    Sometimes, a unique circumstance requires professional assistance in multiple areas.  There's a certain peace of mind knowing we work with multiple different certified professionals in as many different areas as possible, in order to provide you the client with the greatest range of services available to win your case. 

No one wants to be the victim of:



Receive threatening letters

Loose their business or inheritance
Other unusual circumstances

It happens far more often than it should!


Because someone thought they could get away
with altering a document or another official record. 

Findings, as published in the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) publication, Identity Theft, 2004:

In 2004, 3.6 million households, representing 3% of the households in the United States, discovered that at least one member of the household had been the victim of identity theft during the previous six months.


Federal Trade Commission - Identity Theft Report, September 2003:


Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft
(formerly: "ID Theft: When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name")

TOTAL number of records containing sensitive personal information involved in security breaches reported since February 15th, 2006 through January 7th, 2007:  100,453,858

Information management is critically important to all of us – as employees and consumers.  For that reason, the Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking security breaches for the past three years, looking for patterns, new trends and any information that may help us better protect data and assist companies in their activities.

In 2006, there were in excess of 315 publicized breaches affecting nearly 20 million individuals.  Based on ITRC’s categorization, the breaches break down as follows: 29% government/military agencies; 28% from educational institutions; 22% from general businesses; 13% from health care facilities / companies; and 8% from banking / credit / financial services entities.  In 2005, there were 158 incidents affecting more than 64.8 million people.

Do you think you, or someone you know might be a victim


Have you been the victim of forgery or fraud?

Has your credit been effected?

Have you lost your inheritance?


Have you lost your job?


Have you lost your property?


All because someone altered documents and official records?

Has this created a disruption in your life?

Caused you to loose sleep?

Affected you in some other way? 


Maybe you want someone to be held accountable
for causing undue pain and hardship in your life?

Maybe you just want to have peace of mind



 When you need a fast, professional opinion in alleged forgery
or fraud cases involving a questioned document or handwriting; AFHS is here for you!

We know how tricky the opposition can be...

We can guide you to the truth about the handwriting and hopefully a victory in the courtroom.

We work with document examiners around the globe.  These professionals provide peer review of your case at no additional cost too you.

Our experts guide you through the confusing and challenging process of proving a document (contract, check, will, signature card, etc) is a forgery.  We have reviewed hundreds of cases and people, corporations, and lawyers win their cases based on our expert testimony about a document in question.  Even if your problem doesn't involve an attorney... knowing the truth about a signature can really set your mind at ease.

Actually, in over half of our cases, our experts never had to appear in front of a jury... saving our clients hundreds of dollars in fees.  Instead, because of our understanding of the law and the exhibits we provide, the opposing attorney settles out of court... or drops the case all together.  Most attorneys have very limited experience about using a handwriting expert to prove a forgery or help build a case for fraud.

Here are some of the things We can examine and identify:

  • signatures
  • hand printing
  • handwriting
  • initials
  • numbers
  • documents created by computer printers or typewriters
  • computer generated documents
  • markings on a wall, vehicles, or other objects (i.e. graffiti)
  • facsimiles
  • photocopies
  • rubber stamps
  • alterations of documents (i.e. holes created by staples or hole punch)

Documents examined (but not limited to):

Forged, altered or counterfeit documents
• Checks, wills, deeds, legal contracts
• Official documents and records (i.e. court documents, insurance records, medical records, etc...)
• Computer-printed or Typewritten Documents
• Photocopied or Facsimile Documents
• Latent Impressions

• Anonymous Correspondence (i.e., hate letter, threatening letter)

Additionally, AFHS provide the following related services
(but not limited to):

• Case preparation consultation
• On-site examination
• Laboratory examination and analysis
• Document photography
• Preparation of court exhibits
• Preparation of written reports
• Deposition or courtroom testimony
• Jury screening
• Provide a verbal and/or professional opinion

Not only are we able to provide you with an expert opinion regarding authorship of a document, we can also present testimony to support our findings in a Court of Law when required.

We are also able to give you insight regarding the emotional and mental state of the author when the document was created when handwriting is present on this document. 

Our experience can solve cases of forgery, altered numbers, record alteration, graffiti, anonymous writings, poison pen letters, and more.

Joseph Zarek spent over 2 decades in the military in the cryptologic and intelligence field groups and pre-screened over 4,000 individuals being put in for high level National Security clearances, created thousands of Information Intelligence Report (IIR), as well as presenting over 1,000 presentations on a variety of  different topics related to National Security, to also include daily intelligence briefings to key personnel in leadership positions around the globe since 1986. He is an AIAS certified Forensic Document Examiner, and he's currently pursuing advanced studies in criminal justice and forensic psychology.   Additionally, he's also certified as a drug and alcohol awareness trainer for supervisors. 

The combination of my continuing education, knowledge, talents and skills, enables me to provide a quick and accurate service to individuals who need to resolve their own questioned document concerns and circumstances. 

Having apprenticed, studied and worked with some of the foremost forensic document and handwriting authorities in the world, we are able to provide a service to individuals and organizations head and shoulders above the competition.

I can examine all types of documents for authentication or alteration, and are available for cases anywhere around the world.

If you have a forgery problem, We can assist to bring you peace of mind, and help you solve your case.  If you are a law firm, I'm happy to fax you a copy of my Curriculum Vitae, for you to have on file the next time you have a forgery case. 

I'm also affiliated with outstanding professionals in different areas of forensics and other field groups.

We're not just forensic document examiners. 

Here are additional services we offer:

  • Statement Analysis - Everyone likes to tell the truth when the speak or write, but do not always reveal everything.  Now you can find out if they're telling the truth or lying.
  • SF-86 Reviews and Screenings - There are 13 disqualifiers that will prevent you or your personnel from obtaining a security clearance.  Know what they are, and best of all; how to address them so you and your people obtain the clearance level required to do their job.

  • Physical Security Inspections - Do your facilities and programs comply and up-to-date with existing standards?
  • Lectures and Training in numerous areas - AFHS is affiliated with many individuals who can speak at your next event (Sample of topics below):

    • Questioned Documents
    • Identity Theft
    • Forgery Proof Your Signature
    • Statement Analysis
    • Identifying Pedofiles and Stalkers
    • Relationship Red Flags
    • and more...

Unlike other document examiners who routinely charge an excessively high fee just to look at your document, We are available to provide a quick verbal opinion based on what you provide me for just $295.  Fax what you have a question on, and We'll let you know if we can help you.  For many people, a professional opinion is all you need to set your mind at ease. 

Please review our List of  Services to determine what will serve you best.  

Or, you can call one of our offices to discuss your case with us by phone, now

(DC, MD, VA for local, national or international cases)

is for the purpose to determine if all exemplars are available to enable us to form an opinion.  

OPINION will be rendered during initial evaluation.

Your questions will be answered by simply calling one of our numbers shown above.  You can also email questions to us at: or emailing us.

Your initial consultation is offered without a fee, in order for you to determine you are hiring the right expert for the job.

Which best describes your unique concern or circumstance

This is, or might become
a lawsuit involving a trial,
judge, or at least an attorney.

This is strictly personal;
there probably won't be
any attorneys or legal action.

I need a quick opinion
(***24-hour turn-around time or less***)

I have a question!
Can I talk to someone
in person on the phone, or e-mail?

How much does it cost?

Tell me about a few
of your cases


If you're not ready to call yet, but have some questions.  Then click on our Frequently Asked Question Link (FAQ) before you call us.

I'm not in your area...

Help me find an expert in my area
(Outside of Greater Washington DC Area)

Contact one of our office as soon as possible,
we can assist you!

Tel: (703) 772-9133 Fax: 866-974-8489

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* We are not attorneys. We do not dispense legal advice in any fashion. We only comment on our experiences as it relates to cases we have personally been involved in regarding handwriting, forgeries or expert witnesses. If you want legal advice, you must consult a licensed attorney in your state. • • •
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